Brad Henkel – tp
Jacob Wick – tp

Gunnar Lettow – prep. el. bass, electronics, objects

Jacob WickJacob Wick is a trumpet player and improviser. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Wick has lived in Brooklyn, Oakland, and Los Angeles, and has performed with a variety of improvisers and composers in a variety of contexts, including at the Whitney Museum of American Art (US), the Moers Jazz Festival (DE), and el Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo (MX). He has released recordings on Marginal Frequency (San Diego, CA), Prom Night Records (Brooklyn, NY), Peira (Chicago, IL), Diatribe (Dublin, IE), and Creative Sources (Lisbon, PT). He holds a BM from Purchase College, SUNY, and an MFA from the California College of the Arts.

In performance, Wick works to privilege the perspective, experience, and expressive capacities of ambient non-human actors—air ducts, airplanes, birds, cement—over his own experience as a white, cis, American male. This approach is indebted to a wild commitment to queer politics and years of cruising contemporary and 20th century art and/or life theories. Current projects include solo trumpet acoustic noise and Dos/Tres Hongos, a duo or trio with Marc Riordan and Frank Rosaly.

Brad HenkelBrad Henkel (b. 1985) is trumpeter and composer based in Berlin, Germany. His work integrates composition and improvisation with new and innovative instrumental techniques and performance art.
Born in Ventura, California, he began studying jazz trumpet in Los Angeles with Bobby Shew and Clay Jenkins, as well as improvisation and composition with Jeff Kaiser and John Fumo. In 2007, he reclocated to New York to further his development with Jon Faddis and Jim Rotondi at SUNY Purchase College. During his time in university, he also studied improvisation with Tony Malaby, Ralph Alessi, and many other staples of the NY scene. After completing his degree, he settled in Brooklyn. There, he formed, played and toured with several collaborative, creative/improvised music projects. In 2011, he co-founded the artist-run record label, Prom Night Records.
In 2013, Brad relocated to Germany, where he quickly integrated himself into the improvised music scenes, performing with, among others, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Paul Lytton, Evan Parker, Robert Landfermann, Audrey Chen, Nicola Hein, Matthias Müller, Philip Zoubek and Etienne Nillesen. In addition to continuing his work with USA-based Prom Night Records, he is a member of the IMPAKT collective for improvised music in Cologne and the KIM Collective in Berlin.