Torstein Lavik Larsen – trumpet
Fredrik Rasten – guitar

Pip - Torstein Lavik Larsen & Fredrik Rasten

Pip – Torstein Lavik Larsen & Fredrik Rasten

Pip is an acoustic duo working within the improvised/experimental field. The duo explores the possibilities of the acoustics of trumpet and guitar with a focused sense of intonation and timbre as a point of departure. They create gradually developing textures in an intermediate state between static and organic.
They started playing togheter in 2006 and have since then explored a variety of different musical directions. The duo is currently working with free improvisation, focusing on gradually changing textures.
After a limited editidion CD on the record label ØS in 2015, they are releasing their official debut album at the Portugese label Creative Sources in 2016. The duo has played a large number of concerts in Scandinavia and England.
Torstein and Fredrik also play in other projects together, such as the quartet Oker which has toured in countries such as Germany, Russia, Romania, Scandinavia and Finland. They have both many other musical projects as well, bands such as Skadedyr, Gismervik/Rasten/Garner, Torstein Ekspress, View from Nowhere and Torg, to name a few.

Pip has been involved in and worked with projects with non-music artists as well. They have collaborated with the dancer Marie Bergby Handeland, making and performing the music for a performance for the CODA-festival at Den Norske Opera og Ballett in 2013. They are also currently working with the danish duo Manuals, a live visual project.