Roy Caroll – computer, loudspeakers

Nika Son – electronics

Roy CarrolRoy Carroll is a composer / musician born in Dublin, living in Berlin, making performances, recordings and compositions. Operating at the interstice of electrical and acoustic sound, his work explores the physicality of music through provoking and investigating kinetic interactions between his materials; – denuded loudspeakers, resonant objects, textured materials, feedback loops, the moving body, acoustic spaces, – instability as a creative prerogative even. His compositional work is similarly focused, but with some consideration for repeatability.

Nika son Nika Breithaupt is Nika Son is Nikae is a_cis

2005-2012 Studied Fine Arts at HfK Bremen/Prof. Paco Knöller, and at HfbK Hamburg/Prof. Michaela Melián and Asmus Tietchens. 2012 Diploma, HfbK Hamburg.
lives and works in Hamburg as an artist, musician, record player, procrastinator and owl.

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