The first concert was on Octrober 20th. Basshaters visited Hamburg at the end of their eurpean tour.

Tony Dryer: double bass, electronics
Jacob Felix Heule: drum set, electronics

Basshaters is a duo using double bass, drum set, and electronics to integrate acoustic free improv and electronic noise. Striving to match the fluidity of their textural acoustic music, electronics expand the timbral and dynamic options to new extremes. The duo seeks directness and intensity in execution; subtleties emerge from the bold statement of simp…le ideas.

In addition to Basshaters, Dryer & Heule have released an album on Creative Sources with clarinetist Jacob Lindsay. They have a trio CD with saxophonist Jack Wright, and have performed live with diverse musicians such as Michel Doneda, C Spencer Yeh, Gino Robair, and Damon Smith. Dryer has toured with the Flying Luttenbachers and Usurp Synapse; Heule remains active with his brutal improv duo Ettrick.

Weitere Infos:

Second Set with:

Gunnar Lettow – prep. e-bass, electronics
Lars Scherzberg – alto-sax

Basshaters: Tony Dryer & Jacob Felix Heule